A laptop computer is perfect for Photoshop users who need more portability and flexibility over a stationary desktop computer. However, the prices for laptop computers have gone up, making it difficult for many people not to afford them. So, how can one get cheap laptops for Photoshop? Here are some useful tips on what you should look for in a cheap but yet high-quality laptop for Photoshop:

· Look at the Speed of the Processor. It is possible to find cheap laptops that have been fitted with fast and inexpensive processors. The speed of the processor is measured in gigahertz (GHz). There are also some inexpensive laptops that have a dual-core processor. This means that the laptop comes with two independent processors mounted on a single chip working together at the same time to increase the performance of the laptop. These two processors can execute many tasks on a laptop more efficiently and faster. The two processors are sold for the price of one, making it cheaper to buy the laptop. Therefore, it’s advisable to buy this type of laptop because it is not only affordable, but also faster when executing multiple tasks.

· Check the RAM. RAM is used to refer to “random access memory”. This is a space a laptop uses to store temporary data. A cheap and a high-quality laptop has a RAM of 1GB. Not only does a laptop that has a RAM of 1GB affordable, but also enables you to perform more task simultaneously without affecting the speed of the laptop. Continue Reading