Having a powerful computer is essential in editing and processing of high resolution, modern and digital images in a quick, effective and efficient manner. Dell offers the best desktop PCs that are currently available in the market. Their computers have customization options that enables you to decide the features you would like to incorporate in your computer performance, whether it’s in the processor or the operating system. This article explains the best Dell computers for photo editing in detail.

Dell XPS 8500 Desktop

laptops for photo editing

If you enjoy photography, specifically photo editing, then Dell XPS 8500 Desktop can actually make your work to be more exciting and reliable. It has attractive options as you can select an Intel i5quad core processor or the upgraded i7 processor.

Its memory is expandable up to 16GB and you can choose the amount of RAM you want, which ranges from a minimum of 4GB and a maximum of 16GB. Dell also offers options of NVIDIA and AMD video cards with 2GB or 1GB graphics card RAM.

A high end Dell monitor like Dell Ultra sharp can be customized into a high performance machine that can serve you over a long period of time. If you do not prefer getting involved on the technical details about the desktop configurations while purchasing your Dell Desktop, then the XPS 8500 can actually be the right option for you. Continue Reading