Are you currently into photography and photo editing and you are looking for ways you can step up your game? Well, the coming in of laptop technologies have in a myriad of ways revolutionized the industry and changed the way things have over and over been done in the industry. Laptops are fast becoming photographer’s best friends. If you are looking for the best laptop for photo editing, here is how to make a smart purchase.


Screen size and resolution

Currently, laptop screen displays ranges from 13.3, 14, 15.6 and 17.3 inches. When it comes to photo editing, the size of the screen matters a lot. The bigger the screen, the more comfortable you would be especially if you normally work for longer periods of time editing your images. It does not even stop there; just like the size of the screen, your screen’s resolution is also important and must be considered, as well. Other than the size, obviously, you would want to have enough resolution that can edit at a pixel level and leave your images with accurate color.

Color Gamut and Display Calibration

This is actually the subset of the available color space that your screen can show. Although, colors in a display can shift over time, display can be calibrated to show more and accurate colors; something which is essential for image editing. Yes, calibration can be accomplished by using an external colorimeter, but as a photo editor, it will make a lot of sense if you go for a laptop for photo editing that comes with a built-in colorimeter.


Most laptops nowadays come fully equipped with dual-core processors. If you do not have any idea of what the processor does when in comes to photo editing, it is all about speed. Photo editing is power hungry especially when you are working with tons and tons of high resolution images and all at the same time. The more advanced and powerful the processor your laptop has, the better; it will be much faster to process images as it can allow you to work faster with Photoshop, as well as, light room.

Graphics card

The next big thing you would be doing with your photo editing project is processing images. It does matter the kind of software or tools you are using, a decent graphic cars is a must have. After all, your laptop will actually use it to open and display images, as well as, editing and adjusting the stages. It is because of all these that a laptop that comes with a better graphic card will be the better choice as it will speed the process.


It is true storage drive performance is less important for photo editors than it is for video editors, but it still makes a lot of sense to have a laptop that comes fully equipped with a solid-state drive. As a photo editor, opt for a laptop that can accommodate more that one drive. For example SSD and HD; for it is through this way that you can keep your OS and other applications on the speedy SSD while you keep those bulky images on the HD.

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