Wildlife photography

Taking great wildlife photography is probably one of the most difficult tasks for a photographer, and for a camera too. It requires the best specifications all round to get top quality results, and the small details will make all the difference to the end results. Paying a premium doesn’t guarantee the best quality, but it is essential if you want to get hold of the best wildlife photography cameras on the market.

Given a certain price point, there are certain things to watch out for to maximise your value for money. Some of the most important considerations include the following:


Firstly, you’re likely to need a high quality lens with multiple automatic focus points and a sensitive detection system that will allow your camera to quickly adapt as animals move. Capturing movement within a split second and getting a high quality image depends on this.

ISO capability

Most high end cameras will have vastly superior ISO functionality, which means you can take better pictures with low levels of light and have less noise disrupting your images. Continue Reading