Image Editing

Image editing software

Adobe Photoshop is the classic image manipulation program, and has become synonymous with the idea of editing pictures, to the point where the word “Photoshop” is used as a verb more often than not. It’s taken some time to earn and solidify this reputation, but what about the alternatives that are out there? Surely there’s no point looking for alternatives to a piece of software that can do anything you want it to, you might be thinking.

In fact, this isn’t really the case. What Photoshop lacks is the ability to inspire you if your photography work isn’t standing out the way you hoped. Once you’ve exhausted your creative juices, Photoshop isn’t going to start suggesting new ideas or opening up new possibilities, it’s just going to wait for you to decide what you need next. Some of its rivals are taking the next step and becoming truly creative and imaginative tools that you can use for stunning image editing. There are also better options out there for organising your photo library, and also for dealing with raw, unprocessed files.

Before we look to these potential alternatives, let’s consider the benefits of Adobe’s best offering. Now that the price of a Creative Cloud subscription has been lowered since its controversial launch, it costs less than £10 per month on an annual subscription to get the “Photography plan”, which includes an ongoing licence for both Photoshop and Lightroom. These programs complement each other perfectly, and between the two of them you have a range of powerful editing and organising tools to keep your growing photo library under control. It might not be obvious how to do everything if you don’t know already, but all the tools you could possible want are included in a single neat package. Continue Reading