Top camera accessories for photography


When you are on the go, it’s always ideal for a photographer to be prepared. So why is it so important to plan ahead? Well for instance, if a photographer runs out of memory or runs out of batteries then they are more likely to miss a good shot. Any photographer would regret to miss a moment due to not being prepared in advance. So if you don’t want to miss a beautiful shot, always go prepared! Let’s take a look at the following accessories.

Extra batteries

You should always bring backup batteries to save you from a low battery. Having an extra battery means you can also spend less time waiting for your next battery to charge. We all know that batteries can cost a lot, but you can always buy yours online for cheaper. Make sure you check the model and size of your camera before purchasing.

Memory card and case

Having an extra memory space will save you time from deleting pictures you don’t like. You don’t want to end up deleting images just for the sake of making space for more shots. Also, you can buy a protective SD card case to store and protect your cards


A tripod is useful for many things in photography. For example, a tripod can hold your camera if you want it to be more stable when taking shots. It is also great for travelling as you can use it to take a picture of yourself. Furthermore, a tripod can prolong exposures which are ideal for low – light conditions. It’s advisable to purchase a compact and foldable tripod for travelling use. Compact tripods are more likely to be lightweight too.

Hard Drive

Although you may already have an extra SD memory card, you can still bring a hard drive to directly backup your photos. This is great for when you want to transfer them on your desktop as it won’t take up any storage space. Also if you lose any images from your sd card, then you will always have a backup.

Carry on case

If you travel a lot with your camera, it’s ideal you bring a padded carry on case for protection and storage. There is plenty of sizes available. You can get one for digital cameras, DSLRs and accessories.

Waterproof case

You can protect your equipment with a waterproof cover in case it rains as this will protect your devices and other camera equipment. Ensure you select the right sizes for your camera.

Lens pen

Lens are an important asset of photography. You will want a clean lens all the time. Otherwise, it can widely affect your shots. Luckily,  there is now a lens pen available which is great for clearing up your lens from any specks of dust.

For more useful camera accessories, watch the video below.