Whether you are a beginner at photography or looking into trying it out for yourself, it’s important to know the basics. The very first step that you need to know is to understand how your camera works. For instance, learning the settings of your camera can help tremendously with how you take your first shot. Without the right settings, you might not get a good shot of your subject. The second part is also learning some basic techniques that will help you take better pictures. To help you get started, we’ve collected some relevant articles below that can help you understand the basics of photography.

Ultimate Guide To Photography Basics, Techniques, Purposes, Tips & How-To

Photography is one of the best things that a person can do in order to bring out his creativity as well as capture moments which are unlikely to be seen again. It’s a way to store one’s memories as well as astonishing views that the mother nature and human creations show in a tangible form.
The technique of digital photography is perhaps one of the most popular modes of photography. Technically, digital photography involves capturing an image using a camera. The camera used for digital photography contains a number of arrays of electronic photodetectors which enables it to capture an image that is focused on it from a lens. The files thus captured are stored in a digital format on a digital memory. Popular formats of such images include jpg, jpeg, png etc. This model has revolutionized the concept of photography to its greatest extent and is by far the most effective, efficient and easiest way to capture an image in most of the cases  … Read more at

Photography Basics

Today’s post is a little different but I hope it will be super helpful to you for tips and advice on Photography and Camera modes. I spent 2 years studying Photography and currently have my own business. I have been asked a few questions on how to use manual mode and definitions on the technical terms. I’m going to start with the basics today but if you would like me to go in to more depth let me know and I’ll do a stage 2 blog post!

So to start with, what even is manual mode? Manual mode allows you to change all aspects of how you take the photo.

What is Aperture? Aperture is basically what controls how blurry the background is. Technically known as depth of field (DOF) I will pop a little diagram below but as an example if you chose f2.4 on your aperture settings, your background would be super blurry which is perfect for close ups and product shots. However if you went for f11 this is more suited for travel photos, ensuring everything is in focus … Read more at

Know your camera – A beginner’s photography tutorial