Photography is a creative hobby that may sometimes require inspiration from the beginning. Inspiration is also what drives us to think creatively and help us to come up with new ideas. But where do we find inspiration? Luckily, inspiration can be found absolutely anywhere.

Photographers may also experience a creative block which negatively affects our motivation to create anything. The main solution to creative block is to find new inspirations to re-spark your creativity.


You can find thousands of photography online by simply looking at someone’s blog. Find some photographers that you like and try to imitate their work but portraying them in your way. We are normally drawn to other’s work when we find something we love about their work, whether it’s the way they edit the image or simply the chosen subject of their work. Every little detail count.


Why not visit a local library and find books related to photography? You may find books that can help extend your photography skills or inspire you to create something new. You can also check out a local bookstore for new photography books.

Photography exhibitions

Look out for local photo galleries or exhibitions and make an effort to visit during your free time. This can give you new inspiration in different ways. If there aren’t any local galleries, check out other exhibitions that are in a different city near you. It’s worth travelling to seek out new inspirations.

Travel more

Travelling allows us to experience new places, cultures and people. If you’re feeling uninspired with where you are, you may just need to venture out a little bit more to gain a new perspective and new ways to look at things. Travelling also allows you to capture new subjects which can help with reigniting new ideas and extend creativity. You don’t always have to travel to another country, you can travel out to nearby towns or cities.