With the rise of the digital age, photography has become more popular than ever. The population are constantly snapping millions of photos every day using digital devices such as phones, tablets and cameras. Photos are also being shared online using social media and can be found almost anywhere in shops and restaurants. Photography comes in a wide range of types, we’ve listed the different kinds of photography that are widely known today.

Food photography

Food photography is popular on social media and online blogs. It became well known when many people started to share their love for food by snapping what they are currently cooking or eating. Food photography is also used for promotional purposes by takeaways and restaurants. Professionals recommend shooting food in natural light and white background. It’s also essential to avoid flash.

Fashion photography

Fashion photography is used by social media influencers, bloggers and clothing retailers. Fashion images are used to promote new trends to attract customers to buy. Influencers use fashion photography to express their fashion style and attract followers who have similar taste in fashion.

Sport photography

This kind of photography involves shooting the subject in action. Professionals would usually attend various sports events to practise their craft. It’s recommended to use high-quality long lenses to capture the action from afar.

Wildlife photography

Wildlife photography is about capturing animals in their natural environment. This type of photography is highly challenging when it comes to taking the perfect shot. Many wildlife tends to hide or run away when as you get closer. It’s important to find the right timing and the perfect spot to shoot the subject.

Landscape photography

It’s about capturing beautiful landscape sceneries that include mountains and oceans. It’s currently one of the most popular types of photography. Usually, you can find this kind of views when travelling outdoors in natural environments.