Whether you are a beginner at photography or looking into trying it out for yourself, it’s important to know the basics. The very first step that you need to know is to understand how your camera works. For instance, learning the settings of your camera can help tremendously with how you take your first shot. Without the right settings, you might not get a good shot of your subject. The second part is also learning some basic techniques that will help you take better pictures. To help you get started, we’ve collected some relevant articles below that can help you understand the basics of photography.

Ultimate Guide To Photography Basics, Techniques, Purposes, Tips & How-To

Photography is one of the best things that a person can do in order to bring out his creativity as well as capture moments which are unlikely to be seen again. It’s a way to store one’s memories as well as astonishing views that the mother nature and human creations show in a tangible form.
The technique of digital photography is perhaps one of the most popular modes of photography. Technically, digital photography involves capturing an image using a camera. The camera used for digital photography contains a number of arrays of electronic photodetectors which enables it to capture an image that is focused on it from a lens. The files thus captured are stored in a digital format on a digital memory. Popular formats of such images include jpg, jpeg, png etc. This model has revolutionized the concept of photography to its greatest extent and is by far the most effective, efficient and easiest way to capture an image in most of the cases  … Read more at

Photography Basics

Today’s post is a little different but I hope it will be super helpful to you for tips and advice on Photography and Camera modes. I spent 2 years studying Photography and currently have my own business. I have been asked a few questions on how to use manual mode and definitions on the technical terms. I’m going to start with the basics today but if you would like me to go in to more depth let me know and I’ll do a stage 2 blog post!

So to start with, what even is manual mode? Manual mode allows you to change all aspects of how you take the photo.

What is Aperture? Aperture is basically what controls how blurry the background is. Technically known as depth of field (DOF) I will pop a little diagram below but as an example if you chose f2.4 on your aperture settings, your background would be super blurry which is perfect for close ups and product shots. However if you went for f11 this is more suited for travel photos, ensuring everything is in focus … Read more at

Know your camera – A beginner’s photography tutorial

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Thanks to apps, we can now take photos and edit them through our phones. But what are the best app to try out this coming year? Popular apps including VSCO, snap chat and Instagram are currently the most downloaded app for mobile photography. With social media playing a vital role for photography, it’s no wonder why a lot of people are into their photography. The demand and use of smartphones play a massive role as well for photography. Whether you have an android or Iphone, we’ve got you covered. So to help you find the best camera and editing app for this coming year, we’ve listed the following articles below that can help you with your search.

Top 3 Photo Editing Apps of 2017

Photography has become one of the most popular hobbies over the last couple of years. With social media apps such as Instagram taking over the world, It is no longer enough to just have a phone with a good camera you need to a great filter to make your images stand out.

Here are three free apps you can download which could make you a professional photographer over night.


VSCO or VSCO Cam is a relatively easy app to use, it similar to Instagram’s camera features. This app offers a variety of filters to chose from. You can import pictures from your gallery edit them and then save the edits then post it on to any social media platform of your choosing. The unique feature of this app is the fact that it offers the most minimalistic filters thus giving your pictures that professional touch without making your pictures look overdone … Read more at

Top 7 Photography Apps for  Android 

Our android devices have made us to feel like photographers because now we have better photography apps and cameras on our android phones and they really have an interface like professional photography cameras. We can instantly capture pictures if we find anything amazing because we always carry our smartphones with us.

If you want something extra from the existing camera of your smartphone you can use some third party applications. In this article you will find an overview of best camera and photography apps for editing pictures because perfect photography is a combination of editing and capturing … Read more at

The 5 Best Camera Apps iOS (2017)





Video blogging is is widely popular due to the popularity of Youtube. Anyone can immediately create their channel straightaway. To start off, you will need to get yourself a video camera. There are many options available depending on your budget and your requirements. Let’s take a look at some suitable cameras for YouTube.

Panasonic HC-V10 Digital Video Camera

For a low budget camera with a high-quality resolution, then this Panasonic camera is your best pick. It shoots up to 720p HD at 25 fps. This is ideal for uploading high-quality videos on Youtube. The camera is compact therefore it’s ideal to carry around anywhere. On the other hand, filming in low light situations can highly affect the resolution.

Sony HDR-CX220 HD Handycam

The Sony HDR camcorder can film an excellent video on a day to day basis. It is an affordable device that can be purchased for just under £200. The setting is very versatile, and it can handle any filming conditions. However, it doesn’t have a good internal mic for audios.

Canon G7x

Many popular vloggers are currently obsessed with the new release of Canon G7x. The main obsession simply comes from the fact that this compact camera is almost as good as a DSLR. It is a compact camera that can film like a DSLR camera, so what’s not to like? Furthermore, it contains a long battery life and a fast focus feature which is beneficial for vlogging.

Blackmagic Design Cinema Camera

For professional use, the Blackmagic camera is the ultimate choice. It can shoot perfectly well in any low light conditions and has a 27x optical zoom. It contains an impressive automatic theme which can dramatically change the mood of a film. However, be warn! This camera can cost up to £2000-£3000. Be sure to purchase this only if you are serious about creating professional high-quality contents.



Top camera accessories for photography


When you are on the go, it’s always ideal for a photographer to be prepared. So why is it so important to plan ahead? Well for instance, if a photographer runs out of memory or runs out of batteries then they are more likely to miss a good shot. Any photographer would regret to miss a moment due to not being prepared in advance. So if you don’t want to miss a beautiful shot, always go prepared! Let’s take a look at the following accessories.

Extra batteries

You should always bring backup batteries to save you from a low battery. Having an extra battery means you can also spend less time waiting for your next battery to charge. We all know that batteries can cost a lot, but you can always buy yours online for cheaper. Make sure you check the model and size of your camera before purchasing.

Memory card and case

Having an extra memory space will save you time from deleting pictures you don’t like. You don’t want to end up deleting images just for the sake of making space for more shots. Also, you can buy a protective SD card case to store and protect your cards


A tripod is useful for many things in photography. For example, a tripod can hold your camera if you want it to be more stable when taking shots. It is also great for travelling as you can use it to take a picture of yourself. Furthermore, a tripod can prolong exposures which are ideal for low – light conditions. It’s advisable to purchase a compact and foldable tripod for travelling use. Compact tripods are more likely to be lightweight too.

Hard Drive

Although you may already have an extra SD memory card, you can still bring a hard drive to directly backup your photos. This is great for when you want to transfer them on your desktop as it won’t take up any storage space. Also if you lose any images from your sd card, then you will always have a backup.

Carry on case

If you travel a lot with your camera, it’s ideal you bring a padded carry on case for protection and storage. There is plenty of sizes available. You can get one for digital cameras, DSLRs and accessories.

Waterproof case

You can protect your equipment with a waterproof cover in case it rains as this will protect your devices and other camera equipment. Ensure you select the right sizes for your camera.

Lens pen

Lens are an important asset of photography. You will want a clean lens all the time. Otherwise, it can widely affect your shots. Luckily,  there is now a lens pen available which is great for clearing up your lens from any specks of dust.

For more useful camera accessories, watch the video below.


Wildlife photography

Taking great wildlife photography is probably one of the most difficult tasks for a photographer, and for a camera too. It requires the best specifications all round to get top quality results, and the small details will make all the difference to the end results. Paying a premium doesn’t guarantee the best quality, but it is essential if you want to get hold of the best wildlife photography cameras on the market.

Given a certain price point, there are certain things to watch out for to maximise your value for money. Some of the most important considerations include the following:


Firstly, you’re likely to need a high quality lens with multiple automatic focus points and a sensitive detection system that will allow your camera to quickly adapt as animals move. Capturing movement within a split second and getting a high quality image depends on this.

ISO capability

Most high end cameras will have vastly superior ISO functionality, which means you can take better pictures with low levels of light and have less noise disrupting your images. Continue Reading


Common Mistakes With Wedding Photography

If you’re a professional photographer or even just a competent amateur, documenting a wedding is one of the ultimate missions you can embark on. There’s a lot of pressure to get it right, and failing to capture the most crucial moments in the best possible way can be extremely disappointing for everyone involved. If you’re thinking of taking on the challenge, bear in mind all these common mistakes and see if you can avoid them.

Lack of experience

Practice makes perfect, and if you haven’t spent some time getting to know your trade, it’s not likely you’re going to achieve amazing results on the big day. Maybe you’ve been asked and feel pressured to say yes, but if you have enough self-awareness to admit you’re not confident enough in your ability to capture the wedding properly, it’s best to say no. If you’re not sure whether your equipment is ideally suited to wedding photography, it probably isn’t.

Bad exposure

A giant white dress in bright lighting is not the easiest object to photograph, but you’re going to spend all day trying to. Overexposing that image is going to render the bride a blob. On the other hand, underexposure will ruin the effect of the bright white and make the dress look dull. You can mess up the exposure on the rest of your pictures too, don’t get us wrong, but the bride’s white dress will be the most noticeable casualty of poor exposure and that’s not something most people want to risk. Luckily using your camera’s settings smartly should solve this problem without too much effort. Continue Reading


If there is one thing every photographer wants it is to be a great photographer. Being a great photographer entails more than just owning the camera and taking photos. It has more to it. A great photographer shoots wonderful pictures. Pictures that grabs the attention of people from a distance. Professional photographers produce images that have a strong structure, great composition, color, gesture, and lighting, among other elements that make a great photo. Ever wondered how they do it. What are the tricks? You are just in time for an overview of some of the photography tricks and tips for excellent photos. Let’s get started.

photography tricks

1. Use a polarizing filter

A polarizing filter normally improves the colors of the surroundings especially the sky, and the objects around you. This is through its ability to reduce reflections from water, glass, and metal surfaces. Furthermore, it protects the lens of your camera.

2. Decide on your backgrounds carefully

Objects or substances that are included in the picture maybe a distraction to the viewers. This shifts the attention from the main object. Decide on simple backgrounds for instance plain backgrounds that have simple colors and patterns.

3. Use the right ISO

ISO, the International Standards Organization is a standardized industry scale that is used to measure sensitivity to light. Therefore, ISO will determine how fine your image comes out. You should know when to use a higher or a lower ISO. For instance, when it is dark, you might consider using a higher ISO maybe in the range of 400 to 3500. Alternatively, for sunny days or bright environments, use a lower ISO number, maybe about 100. Nevertheless, in case of a bright setting, one can use the Auto Setting on their camera. Continue Reading