Common Mistakes With Wedding Photography

Common Mistakes With Wedding Photography

If you’re a professional photographer or even just a competent amateur, documenting a wedding is one of the ultimate missions you can embark on. There’s a lot of pressure to get it right, and failing to capture the most crucial moments in the best possible way can be extremely disappointing for everyone involved. If you’re thinking of taking on the challenge, bear in mind all these common mistakes and see if you can avoid them.

Lack of experience

Practice makes perfect, and if you haven’t spent some time getting to know your trade, it’s not likely you’re going to achieve amazing results on the big day. Maybe you’ve been asked and feel pressured to say yes, but if you have enough self-awareness to admit you’re not confident enough in your ability to capture the wedding properly, it’s best to say no. If you’re not sure whether your equipment is ideally suited to wedding photography, it probably isn’t.

Bad exposure

A giant white dress in bright lighting is not the easiest object to photograph, but you’re going to spend all day trying to. Overexposing that image is going to render the bride a blob. On the other hand, underexposure will ruin the effect of the bright white and make the dress look dull. You can mess up the exposure on the rest of your pictures too, don’t get us wrong, but the bride’s white dress will be the most noticeable casualty of poor exposure and that’s not something most people want to risk. Luckily using your camera’s settings smartly should solve this problem without too much effort.

Choice of backdrop

To get the all-important, carefully-posed pictures of the happy couple and the rest of the guests that are going to be remembered forever, make sure you don’t spoil the overall look by choosing your background poorly. It’s best to go for something that makes it obvious what’s happening, but doesn’t distract or look out of place. If you’re outside a church, the main doorway is an ideal spot, or failing that the most attractive trees and flowers you can find will do nicely.

Squinting subjects

If it’s a sunny day, the happy couple are probably even happier. Unfortunately this won’t last if they later discover everyone has their eyes practically closed in every photo due to the harsh sunlight directly behind the photographer. Take notice of where the sun is and set up your shots accordingly to avoid making this embarrassing error.

Missing the moment

The biggest mistake of all would be missing that one amazing moment that everyone wanted to remember. It might be hard work, but as the official photographer it’s up to you to make sure everything is documented. Plan this out with the couple before the event so you know everything they consider high priority for capturing on film, and you’ll be able to dodge this mistake.

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