Photography Tricks that will result in Amazing Pictures

If there is one thing every photographer wants it is to be a great photographer. Being a great photographer entails more than just owning the camera and taking photos. It has more to it. A great photographer shoots wonderful pictures. Pictures that grabs the attention of people from a distance. Professional photographers produce images that have a strong structure, great composition, color, gesture, and lighting, among other elements that make a great photo. Ever wondered how they do it. What are the tricks? You are just in time for an overview of some of the photography tricks and tips for excellent photos. Let’s get started.

photography tricks

1. Use a polarizing filter

A polarizing filter normally improves the colors of the surroundings especially the sky, and the objects around you. This is through its ability to reduce reflections from water, glass, and metal surfaces. Furthermore, it protects the lens of your camera.

2. Decide on your backgrounds carefully

Objects or substances that are included in the picture maybe a distraction to the viewers. This shifts the attention from the main object. Decide on simple backgrounds for instance plain backgrounds that have simple colors and patterns.

3. Use the right ISO

ISO, the International Standards Organization is a standardized industry scale that is used to measure sensitivity to light. Therefore, ISO will determine how fine your image comes out. You should know when to use a higher or a lower ISO. For instance, when it is dark, you might consider using a higher ISO maybe in the range of 400 to 3500. Alternatively, for sunny days or bright environments, use a lower ISO number, maybe about 100. Nevertheless, in case of a bright setting, one can use the Auto Setting on their camera.

4. Before taking pictures, make sure your lens are clean

It is simple but easily ignored. It is important to wipe off your lens as the day-to-day usage of your camera makes it dirty. Sometimes your photos may appear blurry this could be the reason. Therefore,make it a habit to ensure your camera is in good shape before you begin capturing.

photo trick

5. In door photos

Most of you normally use their flash indoors. For the indoor photos, it is recommended to avoid using the flash. Alternatively, you can use the ISO setting. You can push it up say ISO 800- ISO 1700. You can choose in between the range. This will have huge effect in your photos.

6. Choose a stable tripod or avoid shaking while capturing

This is important, as photos taken using a shaky camera always appear blurred. Learn to hold your camera the right way. Experts suggest holding the camera with one hand around the camera body and the other around the lens but make sure you do not cover or block the lens. In addition, you can hold the camera close to your body for stability. A tripod can also be used but normally, you are on the move and sometimes the tripod is never necessary.

Other tricks maybe; Always be in control of your photography in other words be the director, watch the light, always lock the focus for sharp images, don’t imitate any one be yourself and take good pictures, among others.


There are simple ways or photography tricks that will light up your images. They can be done and the good thing is that, you do not need an expensive camera to shoot photos. Your iPhone camera and any other phone camera can do the job just fine. Now, enjoy your photography.

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