What to Look for in a Cheap, High Quality Laptop for Photoshop

A laptop computer is perfect for Photoshop users who need more portability and flexibility over a stationary desktop computer. However, the prices for laptop computers have gone up, making it difficult for many people not to afford them. So, how can one get cheap laptops for Photoshop? Here are some useful tips on what you should look for in a cheap but yet high-quality laptop for Photoshop:

· Look at the Speed of the Processor. It is possible to find cheap laptops that have been fitted with fast and inexpensive processors. The speed of the processor is measured in gigahertz (GHz). There are also some inexpensive laptops that have a dual-core processor. This means that the laptop comes with two independent processors mounted on a single chip working together at the same time to increase the performance of the laptop. These two processors can execute many tasks on a laptop more efficiently and faster. The two processors are sold for the price of one, making it cheaper to buy the laptop. Therefore, it’s advisable to buy this type of laptop because it is not only affordable, but also faster when executing multiple tasks.

· Check the RAM. RAM is used to refer to “random access memory”. This is a space a laptop uses to store temporary data. A cheap and a high-quality laptop has a RAM of 1GB. Not only does a laptop that has a RAM of 1GB affordable, but also enables you to perform more task simultaneously without affecting the speed of the laptop.

xps laptop for editing

· Hard Drive. An internal hard drive is important in storing data on your computer, storing the Photoshop software and other programs that you require. In the past, cheap laptops used to come with smaller storage capacities. However, most cheap laptops nowadays have large storing capacities capable of storing large video files and software programs. Therefore, as a Photoshop user it’s not going to be a challenge getting a cheap laptop with a hard drive suitable for storing all your work.

· Network Interface. A network interface controller (NIC) enables you to access the local area network and the internet on your computer. Most cheap laptops nowadays can easily connect to networks wirelessly or Ethernet port with a networking card. If you travel frequently, it’s advisable to get wireless network cards so that you can access Wi-Fi in airports, café or any other place you go that has a wireless network.

· Multiple Optical Drive Option. It’s possible to find a cheap laptop that comes with better CDs and DVDs players’ that provide superior picture quality and clear sound. Optical drives will also enable you to write or burn your Photoshop work on CDs or DVDs. The optical drive should already be installed before you buy the laptop.

· Extra Features. You can also look for extra features on laptops for Photoshop that do not have a huge effect on the price. For example, webcams and pre-installed software and programs are a good thing to look for in a laptop to be used in Photoshop.

Looking for a cheap and high-quality laptop for Photoshop is not easy. Don’t worry, though; the above tips will help you get the right laptop on your budget that will meet all your needs.

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